Welcome to my personal space on the internet. For anyone who remembers the old site you will be presently surprised to see there is actually content on this one (ok, maybe not a lot but it is a start). For those who have access to secured areas (or expect that you would get access to secured areas) you will need to sign in to access any secured areas and recieve notifications when an update occurs. If you have a Windows Live ID (MSN etc) you can use this to sign in by clicking the Live ID button. If you don't have a Live ID just click the Register button.
You can login or register via this link.

The plan is to blog about our (Freda and I) 'UK Trip' as well as a range of other things around me, hopefully post some nice pictures and provide insight into projects I am involved with. For people without Facebook access I will use this site as part of my communication medium whilst traveling. Freda will no doubt post a number of pictures and details on our travels on Facebook but I will post on this site.

I will eventually start using this site for technical articles and issues I have come across as well as new technologies that I am working with.

Thanks for visiting.