If you have a little free time at work on a late night when you shouldn't be working anyway then some short term stress relief can be obtained with Yeti Sports games via the downloads below. I will be taking and posting highest scores later so screenshots of high scores should be kept for Yeti Sports glory.

 TitleOwnerModified DateSize 
Part 1 - PinguThrowDriper Pulse1/26/20091.21 MBDownload
Part 2 - Orca SlapDriper Pulse2/24/20091.59 MBDownload
Part 3 - Seal BounceDriper Pulse2/24/20091.66 MBDownload
Part 4 - Albatros OverloadDriper Pulse2/24/20091.77 MBDownload
Part 5 - Flamingo DriveDriper Pulse2/24/20092.26 MBDownload
Part 6 - BigwaveDriper Pulse2/24/20092.39 MBDownload
Part 8 - Jungle SwingDriper Pulse2/24/20092.27 MBDownload